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Vitamin Booster - V Booster

Our V Booster treatment offers a concentrated infusion of vitamins and nutrients straight to the skin, revitalizing and improving the skin's overall well-being. This advanced treatment is ideal for fighting signs of fatigue and giving the skin a healthy glow by applying vital nutrients that promote cellular respiration and smoothness.

Before treatment

Prepare the skin for V Booster by avoiding the use of products that can clog pores. A clean and clear skin surface ensures optimal absorption of the vitamin-rich solutions. Share your skin history and any concerns with our specialist to tailor treatment to your unique skin condition.

V Booster for Skin care

Improves the skin's vitality and smoothness

V Booster, enriched with nutrients that promote cellular respiration, helps improve skin vitality and smooth skin. This booster gives the skin a healthy and fresh glow.

The doctor will choose the right solution based on the condition of your scalp and skin from the 6 booster solutions available, and install it on the handpiece. The air pressure will be adjusted to the appropriate level (1~12).

At the beginning of the treatment, the doctor will use purified high-pressure oxygen for one minute to blow away dust and dead skin cells, and prepare your skin for optimal absorption of the solution.

The doctor will start the treatment at a distance of approximately 1 cm to 2 cm from the treatment area. The oxygen pressure opens the top skin layer and delivers nanoparticle solutions to your scalp and skin with refined oxygen deeply and effectively.

The permeated solutions will improve various skin problems such as hair loss, skin bleaching, wrinkles, regeneration and moisture, as well as continuous skin renewal.

After treatment

After the V Booster treatment, you can expect a more radiant and moisturized skin that looks visibly improved. To support and prolong the treatment's effects, we recommend a gentle skincare routine rich in antioxidants. Your therapist will give you personal guidance to preserve the refreshed, vitamin-rich glow of your skin.

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