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Acne Care - A Booster

The A Booster treatment is a powerful solution for those who want to target acne and skin inflammation. This treatment is designed to calm irritated skin and promote cell renewal, reduce redness and prevent future breakouts. Active ingredients in A Booster provide a calming effect while improving the skin's tone and texture.

Before treatment

To prepare your skin for the A Booster treatment, it is recommended to avoid using acne-irritating or oil-based products. A clean skin surface will aid in the effective delivery of acne-fighting nutrients. Share any concerns about your skin condition with the practitioner to ensure a treatment tailored to your needs.

A Booster for Acne Care

Improves skin condition and reduces acne

A Booster improves inflammation and promotes skin renewal and regeneration. This booster helps to calm the skin and even out the skin tone.

The doctor will choose the right solution based on the condition of your scalp and skin from the 6 booster solutions available, and install it on the handpiece. The air pressure will be adjusted to the appropriate level (1~12).

At the beginning of the treatment, the doctor will use purified high-pressure oxygen for one minute to blow away dust and dead skin cells, and prepare your skin for optimal absorption of the solution.

The doctor will start the treatment at a distance of approximately 1 cm to 2 cm from the treatment area. The oxygen pressure opens the top skin layer and delivers nanoparticle solutions to your scalp and skin with refined oxygen deeply and effectively.

The permeated solutions will improve various skin problems such as hair loss, skin bleaching, wrinkles, regeneration and moisture, as well as continuous skin renewal.

After treatment

After treatment with A Booster, you will notice a clearer skin tone and a reduction in both redness and inflammation. To maximize the long-term benefits, it will be important to follow a strict skin care regimen recommended by your practitioner, which supports the skin in maintaining the positive results and protects against future acne breakouts.

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