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Cosmelan® Pigment treatment

The Cosmelan® treatment offers one of the most effective methods for reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation, including melasma, sun damage, and post-acne pigment changes. This world-leading treatment is used by dermatologists and in medical clinics globally. This treatment adapts to all skin types and delivers results with high reliability.

What is Cosmelan®?

Cosmelan® is a top-rated treatment method developed to intensively reduce and treat hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. By regulating melanin production, this treatment not only offers a reduction in existing pigment spots but also prevents new ones. It is a non-invasive solution that revitalizes and improves the overall condition of the skin.

Treatment process

The Cosmelan® treatment is carried out in several steps starting with a clinic application followed by a home care routine. The first part is carried out in the clinic, where a special mask is applied and allowed to work according to individual skin needs. After this, the client follows a carefully adapted home care regimen that includes products such as Cosmelan 2 and a special follow-up cream.

Benefits of Cosmelan® Treatment

  • Adapted to all skin types: The treatment is suitable for every skin type and offers personalized solutions for each individual.
  • Rejuvenating effects: Light peeling from the treatment helps to rejuvenate the skin and gives a smoother and more radiant surface.
  • High season friendly: Can be used all year round, even in summer, without worries about sun sensitivity after treatment.
  • Safety: The treatment is free of Hydroquinone, which makes it safe and effective without serious side effects.
  • Removes older pigment spots: Effective against spots caused by laser treatments and older peeling methods.

Results and Expectations

Clients can see dramatic improvements in skin tone and pigmentation within weeks of treatment. With an improvement rate of 95% in the pigmentation spots, Cosmelan® offers a permanent solution to hyperpigmentation. Long-lasting results require following the complete home care plan.

Maintenance and Aftercare

By following the prescribed home care carefully, the results are ensured over a longer period of time. Regular follow-up visits are recommended to assess progression and adapt further treatment if necessary. Included in the treatment package are products such as Cosmelan 2 and a maintenance cream that helps maintain the results achieved.


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