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Dermamelan® Treatment

Dermamelan® treatment is a ground-breaking solution designed to targetably reduce and control pigment spots and hyperpigmentation, including difficult cases such as melasma and pigmentation caused by sun damage and hormonal changes. This method is known for its effectiveness in addressing melanic changes in the face and provides results that are both extensive and long-lasting.

What is Dermamelan® Treatment?

Dermamelan® Treatment is a cream for home use that effectively reduces and controls pigmentation. It has been specially developed to supplement and reinforce the results obtained through professional treatment in the clinic. This post-treatment is essential to ensure long-lasting and stable results.

Treatment process

Phase 1: Professional depigmentation in clinic
The treatment starts with a professional application in a clinic, where the Dermamelan mask is applied and left to work for several hours before it is removed.

Phase 2: Continuous depigmentation at home
After initial treatment in the clinic, the patient continues with a home treatment routine, which includes Dermamelan Treatment and Melan Recovery. This stage is critical for maintaining and improving the initial clinical results.

Phase 3: Regulation and control of hyperpigmentation
Continued use of Dermamelan Treatment together with Melan Recovery and Mesoprotech Melan 130 Pigment Control ensures continuous treatment and protection against new pigment spots.

Advantages of Dermamelan® Treatment

  • Effective against all types of pigmentation: Particularly effective against deep-seated and stubborn pigment spots.
  • Faster results: Compared to other treatments, Dermamelan delivers visible improvements faster.
  • Home treatment: Long-term home treatment strengthens and prolongs the clinical results.
  • Safe and regulated: The treatment is designed to be safe for all skin types and does not contain Hydroquinone.

User guide

To achieve maximum results with Dermamelan, it is essential to follow the recommended instructions for use carefully, both in the clinic and at home. Sun protection is essential throughout the treatment period to prevent recurrence and new pigment changes.

The Dermamelan® treatment requires a prior consultation to ensure that it is suitable for the patient's specific skin condition. The price for the treatment includes both clinic visits and necessary home products to support the treatment process.


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