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SkinCeuticals® Facial

SkinCeuticals facials are medical facial procedures performed by licensed skin care specialists using medically graded SkinCeuticals products. These treatments are tailored to tackle a range of skin problems such as lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and clogged pores. Our approach cleanses, exfoliates, draws out impurities, and hydrates the skin, leaving it more radiant and healthy.

Before the Treatment

It is important to come to the treatment with a clean face without make-up. This ensures that the high-quality SkinCeuticals products can penetrate deeply and effectively. We recommend that you discuss any skin problems or sensitivities you may have with your therapist so that the treatment can be adapted exactly to your needs.

During the Treatment

The treatment starts with a thorough cleansing, followed by a customized exfoliation based on your skin type. Next, careful extractions are performed to remove impurities, before the skin is soothed and hydrated with SkinCeuticals' advanced formulas. Depending on your specific skin needs, a light chemical peel may also be included to further enhance results.

After the Treatment

After the treatment, you will immediately notice an improvement in the skin's texture and glow. Long-lasting results can be expected, especially when the treatment is combined with regular maintenance and proper home care. Your therapist will give you specific recommendations for products and routines to maintain the improved skin condition.


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