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AGNES DoubleTite®

DoubleTite is a ground-breaking hybrid technology for skin rejuvenation that combines radio frequency (RF) with injection therapy for optimal effect. This innovative approach ensures an ideal synergy between two powerful treatments, providing superior skin tightening, contouring and revitalization.

Why Choose DoubleTite?

DoubleTite is the choice for those who want a powerful skin improvement without long downtime. With its unique dual-action technique that works in both the papillary and reticular dermis, DoubleTite provides an improvement not only in the skin's appearance, but also in its structural integrity.

Processing steps

Step 1 | Real 3D RF

The radio frequency energy is precisely delivered to both the upper and deeper skin layers for a three-dimensional rejuvenation.

Step 2 | Injection

Tailored injections provide targeted hydration and collagen remodeling to the reticular dermis.

Step 3 | VVIP

An advanced vertical vibration infusion probe is used to distribute the products evenly, promoting an additional drug delivery system (DDS) for overall skin improvement.


During treatment

During the DoubleTite treatment, you will first experience the radio frequency (RF) energy that penetrates the various skin layers to tighten and stimulate collagen production. Then, specially tailored injections will provide nourishment and volume, and treat specific skin areas that require attention. This combination ensures a deep rejuvenating effect.

Targeted treatment of two skin layers

The DoubleTite technology from AGNES RF uses two different needle shapes to target treat two distinct skin layers. The needles are designed to reach both the papillary and reticular dermis, offering a specific approach to improving the skin's texture. By stimulating the papillary dermis is renewed

Type III collagen, while stimulation of the reticular dermis focuses on Type I collagen. This contributes to a comprehensive improvement of both the skin's texture and firmness.

After treatment

After the treatment, you can expect immediate as well as gradual improvements in the skin's texture and contour. The skin will continue to improve in the weeks following treatment as collagen production increases. It is recommended to follow a simple but effective skin care routine to support and maintain the results of the treatment.

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