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Tooth build-up

Dental fillings and crowns in Oslo

Dental reconstruction is a dental treatment used to repair damaged or damaged teeth. The treatment involves the use of dental fillings and crowns to build up and strengthen the damaged tooth. At Clinica Smile Frogner, we only use the latest technologies and materials to ensure the best possible results for our patients.


The treatment

Dental reconstruction, also known as dental restoration, is a treatment used when a tooth is damaged, cracked or exposed to caries. It can also be used when a tooth is worn or has lost its shape. The treatment involves rebuilding the tooth by filling in the cavity or applying a veneer. This restores the tooth's functionality and aesthetics, and can give you back a brilliant smile.

Examination + Dental reconstruction Consultation

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If you experience pain in your teeth, especially when you eat or drink hot or cold things, it may be a sign that you need dental restoration. You may also have noticeable damage to the tooth, such as a hole or a crack. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is important to see a dentist as soon as possible to prevent the condition from worsening.

Dental reconstruction at Clinica Smile

Our dentists at Clinica Smile in Frogner are experts in dental reconstruction. We only use the best materials and techniques to ensure that your teeth receive the best treatment. We always start with a thorough examination and assessment of the tooth(s) that need building up. We then develop an individual treatment plan that suits your needs and wishes. Our dentists will guide you through the entire process to ensure you feel comfortable and safe.


After tooth build-up, you will likely experience some tenderness and sensitivity in your tooth. This is normal and will usually go away within a few days. You should avoid chewing on the affected tooth or eating hard food until the tooth feels normal again. We will also give you advice on how best to take care of your tooth after treatment.

Dental Health Tips:

  • Brush your teeth properly: Brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day for at least two minutes each time. Use a fluoride toothpaste to strengthen tooth enamel.
  • Clean between the teeth: Use dental floss or interdental brushes daily to remove plaque and food debris that the brush cannot reach.
  • Visit the dentist regularly: Go to the dentist at least twice a year for routine check-ups and professional teeth cleaning.
  • Eat a healthy diet: Reduce your intake of sugary foods and drinks that can lead to tooth decay. Eat more fruits, vegetables and calcium-rich foods to maintain strong teeth.
  • Avoid tobacco products: Smoking and sniffing can cause dental problems and gum disease. Try to stop or reduce the use of these products for better dental health.
  • Protect your teeth during activities: Use a mouth guard during sports activities or when you perform activities with a risk of tooth damage.
  • Care for dentures: If you have dentures, be sure to clean them regularly and store them safely to avoid damage and infection.

Follow these tips to maintain healthy oral health and a brilliant smile!

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