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Sunekos® – Advanced Skin Rejuvenation

Sunekos is a ground-breaking injection treatment that revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin by promoting the production of collagen and elastin. This treatment contains a carefully composed formula of hyaluronic acid and amino acids, which not only improves the skin's moisture and elasticity, but also its overall quality and appearance.

How Does Sunekos Work?

Suneko's works at the cellular level to stimulate natural tissue repair and renewal without physically "plumping" the skin. Instead, it contributes to the natural regeneration and repair of the skin, thanks to its unique composition that effectively counteracts the signs of aging and gives the skin back its youthful vitality.

Advantages of Sunekos

  • Instant firming effect: Reduces fine lines and wrinkles and gives a more youthful skin texture.
  • Long-lasting improvement: The treatment has a deep-acting effect that lasts, with visible improvements that can be observed already after 10 days.
  • Versatile treatment area: Can be used on the face, neck and décolleté to improve the skin's firmness and structure.

Ideal for the following skin types and conditions:

  • Sagging and aging skin
  • Dry and dehydrated skin
  • Dark circles and bags under the eyes
  • Fine lines and initial loss of firmness

After Treatment care

To achieve the best results, it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight immediately after the treatment. Sunekos' effects can last up to 6 months, and periodic maintenance treatments are recommended to maintain and improve long-term results.

Sunekos is an innovative solution for those who want to revitalize their skin in a natural and effective way. With its fast results and minimal downtime, it is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a non-surgical method to improve the appearance and vitality of their skin.

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