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Hot Salt Stones Massage

Your body will melt in this unique experience. The hot, smooth stones emit heat to underlying muscle layers. The massage relaxes the muscles while stimulating blood circulation. Massage with hot salt stones will also relieve muscle pain and calm the nervous system.

The treatment

Our Warm Saltsteiner Massage is a unique experience that gives a deep feeling of relaxation. The hot, smooth stones are used to deliver heat to the deeper muscle layers of your body. This massage helps to dissolve tension, increase blood circulation and relieve muscle pain. Our therapists combine the art of massage with the power of hot salt stones to give you a relaxing and refreshing experience.


Warm Salt Stones Massage provides a number of benefits for body and mind. This treatment helps relieve muscle pain and tension, improve blood circulation and calm the nervous system. The hot stones create a pleasant warmth that penetrates deep into the muscles, giving you a feeling of total well-being. The massage also includes massage of the scalp, face, stomach, hands and feet, as well as the use of warm towels with mint and eucalyptus on the feet for an extra soothing experience.

Relaxation and Wellbeing

When you choose Warm Salt Stones Massage, you can expect a deep feeling of relaxation. The soothing heat from the salt stones melts away tension in the body, and the smooth surface of the stones provides a pleasant massage experience. This is not only a treatment for the body, but also for the soul. Enjoy the total relaxation and feeling of well-being this massage provides.


Customized For You

We adapt Warm Saltstone Massage to your individual needs and preferences. Our experienced therapists use their expertise to ensure you get the optimal experience. Whether you want to relieve muscle pain, reduce stress or just pamper yourself, we offer tailor-made solutions that are just right for you.

Preparation and Notification

Before ordering Hot Salt Stone Massage, we recommend that you discuss any medical conditions or concerns with our team. This will ensure a safe and adapted treatment that suits you. We look forward to giving you a unique experience of well-being through Hot Salt Stone Massage.

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