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Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage (DVM) is a popular type of massage therapy that focuses on releasing tension and reducing chronic pain; such as stiff neck, sore/stiff shoulders, pain in the upper and lower back, soreness/pain in stiff calf muscles, etc. DVM involves using sustained pressure on trigger points and slow, pressure movements to reach the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue . DVM can also contribute to faster healing of strain and sports injuries.


Deep tissue massage (DVM) is a therapeutic form of treatment that aims to dissolve tension and reduce chronic pain in the body. This massage is ideal for those who experience a stiff neck, sore or stiff shoulders, pain in the upper and lower back, or discomfort in the leg muscles. DVM involves the use of continuous pressure on trigger points and slow, targeted movements to reach the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue.


Deep tissue massage has a number of benefits for the body and well-being. It can not only help relieve pain and tension, but also improve mobility and reduce the risk of future injuries. The massage can increase blood circulation, help break down scar tissue and improve flexibility in muscles and joints. The warm stone treatment on the back and the massage of the scalp, face, stomach, hands and feet provide a holistic relaxation experience.


We adapt each Deep Tissue massage individually, focusing on your specific needs and wishes. Our experienced masseuse uses precision and care to ensure that you are comfortable and get the maximum benefit from the treatment. We also use soothing aroma oils and hot towels with mint and eucalyptus to enhance the experience.



Deep tissue massage has been shown to accelerate the healing of stress and sports injuries by breaking down scar tissue and stimulating the growth of healthy cells. It can help restore muscles after intense physical activity and improve performance. The healing power of this massage gives you not only instant relief, but also long-term health benefits.


Deep tissue massage includes hot stones on the back, massage of the scalp, face, stomach, hands and feet, as well as the use of hot towels with mint and eucalyptus on the feet. We recommend that you discuss any medical conditions or concerns with us before booking a Deep Tissue Massage. This will help us adapt the treatment to your specific needs and ensure your comfort and safety throughout the process. We look forward to helping you achieve wellness and pain relief through Deep Tissue Massage.

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