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Brow lift

A brow lift is the perfect solution for those who want beautifully shaped and well-groomed eyebrows. Our brow specialists are ready to help you achieve the perfect brow shape that suits you.

The treatment

1. Creation of Brow Shape:

We work with you to find the desired "look" for your brows. This includes precise measurement to ensure optimal balance and shape, giving your brows a lift.

2. Hair growth removal:

We remove all unwanted hair growth using wax, tweezing or threading, depending on your preferences and skin type.

3. Coloring:

We adjust the color of the brows according to your wishes. You can choose between a natural or a more marked look. We also offer the choice between regular color and henna color (henna color has an additional cost of NOK 200 and lasts longer on the skin).

4. Completion:

We put the finishing touches on the work by highlighting the brows, so you can leave the salon with confidence and move on to your next plans.


Skin products:


REDUCES AGE-RELATED WRINKLES: Prevents and corrects typical signs of aging.


Combination of antioxidants that provide advanced protection against premature aging.


TREATS SIGNS OF AGING: Powerful night treatment with 0.5% stable retinol.

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