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Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination is the solution for those who want control and a well-groomed appearance for their eyebrows. This treatment gives the eyebrows a full and well-groomed look by restructuring the hair structure and making the hairs grow in the desired direction


With Brow Lamination, you can finally shape your eyebrows the way you've always wanted. This is especially beneficial if you have brow hairs that grow in the wrong direction or seem unruly. The result is a glamorous "gritty" look that is famous in Hollywood and loved by many. Brow Lamination gives the eyebrows a well-groomed appearance without the need for daily styling.

The process

During the Brow Lamination process, special products are used to soften and shape the brow hairs. They are then placed in the desired direction and fixed there. The treatment is gentle and gives immediate results that last for several weeks. It's the perfect way to achieve beautiful and well-groomed eyebrows with minimal effort.


Brow Lamination is suitable for everyone, regardless of the current condition of the eyebrows. Whether you want bigger, bushier brows, or just want to tame unruly hair, this treatment can be adapted to your needs.


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