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AGNES Lower eye

AGNES Undereye Treatment is an advanced aesthetic treatment that has been developed to solve common eye problems, including bags under the eyes and dark circles. This treatment is tailored to improve the texture, tone and elasticity of the skin under the eyes. On this page, we give you an in-depth understanding of what AGNES Undereye Treatment entails, how the treatment works, and what you can expect from the results.

Before treatment

Before going through the AGNES Undereye Treatment, it is important to prepare yourself in the right way. This includes avoiding blood-thinning medication in the time before treatment and ensuring that the area under the eyes is clean and free of make-up. You should also have a transport plan in place, as you may not be able to drive yourself after treatment.

During treatment

During the treatment itself, a doctor will use the AGNES technology to treat the area under the eyes. This includes the use of tiny, precise needles that deliver energy to reduce bags and improve skin quality. Although the procedure may be slightly uncomfortable, it is usually well tolerated and you will have the opportunity to discuss pain relief with your treating therapist.

After treatment

After AGNES Undereye Treatment, it is important to follow the advice of your therapist carefully. This includes the use of medicated creams and sun protection to protect the area under the eyes. There may also be some restrictions when it comes to make-up and activities in the first days after the treatment. Your therapist will give you detailed instructions for aftercare.


Make an appointment


Book a consultation with a doctor for Agnes treatment of the undereye area. During the consultation, the doctor will explain the entire process before the treatment is carried out.